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Creative Sister Circle - A Journey Within, 17/9, 29/10, 2/12

Creative Sister Circle - A Journey Within, 17/9, 29/10, 2/12

Ordinarie pris 650 SEK
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Creative Sister Circle: A Journey Within  
En workshop med  vår fina lärare Joanne.

Embrace the power of pause. A journey inward through explorative yoga, embodied meditation, creative art making, and Reiki. 
This workshop is a gentle invitation to slow down, reconnect with your breath-body-heart, and embrace the poetic nature of the body and its expression through transformative practices. 
This journey space unites us in sacred sisterhood, encouraging an inward focus filled with inspiration, feminine beauty, creative freedom and empowerment. A doorway to awaken your inner brilliance and melt away layers of contraction, doubt and numbness. 
These sessions are specifically designed to offer you a rich experience filled with personal insight and empowering techniques to take home with you. To ignite creativity and to express ourselves in our own unique and unfiltered ways.
This workshop is a blend of:
Calming Breathwork
Embodied Meditation
Felt Sense Focusing
Explorative Yoga & Movement 
Creative Art Therapy Processes
Guided Journalling and Reflection 
Restorative Reiki

The Journey Space is for anyone longing to;

Release physical and mental tension, anxiety and stress
Enhance breath & body awareness
Rediscover a sense of inner peace, nourishment and calm
Experience freedom, aliveness and creative flow 
Learn valuable tools to reconnect to essence of self and find balance in daily life
Celebrate and embody the sacred feminine that ignites your passions and essence
Explore the art of mindfulness & self compassion. 

Vi kommer att ha 3 tillfällen av Creative Sister Circles under hösten:

Söndag den 17/9 kl 10-12.30

Söndag den 29/10 kl 10-12.30

Lördag den 2/12 kl 11.30-14.00


Lärare: Joanne Post Youssef, utbildad och certifierad inom Hatha Yoga, Authentic Flow, Yin Yoga & Trauma informed Yoga. Joanne arbetar även med Transpersonal Art Therapy, Holistic Councelling & Reki Healing.

Längd: 150 min

Pris: 650kr 

Bokning: Bokas genom att du betalar och köper workshopen här. 

OBS! Du kan inte använda ditt klippkort till denna workshop.  

Du får självklart ett kvitto som du kan använda för ditt friskvårdsbidrag.

Läs vår bokning- & husregler här: Boknings- & Husregler 

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